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"We combine our love of animals with the desire to help them live their best lives, to care for your fur-friend just like you would.”

This isn't a side gig, it a way of life, and our growing team absolutely cannot wait to meet you! 

Serving the Summit area since 2017

Be at ease knowing ahead of time exactly who is providing care and a set rate. No guessing, No surprises.

You can count on Paw Prints for dog walking & in home pet sit visits

We provide the consistent, reliable care your family deserves. 

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Using the Time To Pet app makes scheduling and payments a breeze. This is also where we access your emergency information- “just in case”.

You’ll receive a “pupdate” through our system after each visit, including GPS, photos, and a brief write up, so you know just how much fun your bestie had with us!

We value your time! 

Client Testimonials

We have been using Olivia and her team to care for our fur babies since 2019. We couldn't be happier with the service, professionalism and most importantly the care and love that her entire team shows our dog Charlie. He is visibly excited when they arrive for his daily walk and he is very happy when he returns. We cant recommend Olivia and her team enough and we just feel so fortunate that we found them

The Stanton Family-Summit, NJ

We can't say enough wonderful things about Olivia! She has a heart of gold, and her love for animals in evident in the exceptional care she gives them every day. We have trusted Olivia with our beloved Havanese, Lucky (and our home) on many occasions over several years. The very first time Olivia stayed with our dog, he became ill and kept her up all night long. She then spent her Thanksgiving Day cleaning up after him, getting him medicine (after we spoke to the vet), and preparing special meals of chicken and rice for him to help ease his tummy. She went above and beyond in every way to give him the most loving care possible while we were so far away. While we felt terrible, we were so touched by her kindness and so incredibly relieved that he was in her care. Olivia's communication is always excellent...she stays in close touch, is very responsive, and provides updates (including adorable photos and sometimes videos) with each visit.

-the malik family
Summit, NJ

We love Olivia and the Paw Prints team. Atticus is an older, stubborn, dog and the team is always patient, caring and loving. We love the sweet updates, especially the photos and walk map. 
One time he ran off and the Paw Prints team went on the search immediately. Peter found him within minutes and got him home safely. We highly recommend Paw Prints!

-The sommers family
Summit, NJ

We’ve been working with Olivia since mid-2019 and boy, has she been amazing through a couple of rollercoaster years! She provided absolutely wonderful care to my senior corgi, from when she was in perfect health until the last months of her life when she could no longer walk on her own. Not to worry, Olivia carried her outside and helped her walk, and sometimes while dealing with a whirling dervish of a rescue mutt I decided to add to our crazy family late in the game (and early in the pandemic!).

Olivia cares for our pets as fiercely and lovingly as she does her own. She’s intuitive and alerts you to even slight changes in a pet’s behavior or mood, which is incredibly helpful when you’re a busy working pet mom. Olivia is trustworthy, reliable and always has a pleasant and sunny demeanor. Her visits are a highlight of the day and we love working with her!

- The ravishankar family

With two active dogs in need of exercise and companionship during the workday, we feel very fortunate to have Olivia involved in their daily care. The “unique personality” of one of our four-leggers requires a special approach which Olivia handles beautifully. She has proved to be reliable, attentive, caring and accommodating. She even brings birthday presents for the girls! Plus, who doesn’t love getting a mid-day, best-friend recap along with heart-melting photos to boot? Highest recommendation possible.

-The dyer family
Summit, NJ

We have been a client of Paw Prints for over 3 years. From the beginning Olivia and her team have been professional, trustworthy, transparent and more so a part of the family. We are at peace of mind knowing that Brady, our Black Lab, is well taken care of when we are not home whether on his daily walks or an extended period. Just as Brady is our family, Paw Prints has made Brady part of their family. We have and will recommend Paw Prints to friends and neighbors.  

The Dwyer family
Short Hills, NJ

We had experienced difficulty finding a reliable dog walking service in the past, until we started with Paw Prints by Olivia. Olivia and her team are reliable, trustworthy, and really get to know the unique personalities of your dog(s) to enhance their walking experience. We have also had great pet sitting experiences with them as well. I could not more highly recommend Olivia and her team. 

-The koehler family
Chatham, NJ

Olivia is an extremely amazing and responsible dog walker. I have had her as my dog walker for nearly two years now and I am so grateful for that. I can truly say that I can make plans to go away on vacation or even just a night out and I know that my beagle will be in great hands. Besides being great with pets, she is an incredible human being who always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude. Her flexibility to accommodate the customers and the care she provides to the pets while she is in charge, is all the tranquillity you need while you are away from your furry friends! I am absolutely astonished with the efficiency of Olivia and her team and I have always recommended her to people looking for pet care. 

The chacon family
Summit, NJ

Paw Prints by Olivia gives an amazing service and it's obvious how much they truly love your pet(s). I love the thorough updates the staff gives after each visit including photos, which is always a comfort for me when I'm away. There was one time my pet was sick when they arrived and they contacted me immediately and took quick action. I've used Paw prints by Olivia many times and have interacted with multiple staff members who were all amazing. I highly recommend Olivia's service to anyone and everyone in need of professional pet care. 

-The forrest family
summit, NJ

Olivia was super amazing and professional and more than I could have hoped for. She was able to take care of my piggies and gain their trust in a very short time. She did so much more than just feed them and clean their cage, she sat and talked with them to keep them company and made them so happy.

I can't thank her enough for sending me photos and updates after every single visit. I seriously feel like my piggies cannot wait until my next vacation so that they can be taken care of by Olivia again.

-the waitz family
Summit, NJ


I’m an energetic, compassionate animal lover. I have been caring for animals for as long as I can remember. My childhood was filled with furry friends and the occasional bird or fish. It soon became a family affair. While my mom resisted at first, she began to bring home her share of fur-babies too! Our casual pet-friendly home would eventually become known as “the zoo”!

As my love of the four-legged grows, and in turn so does Paw Prints, my mission has become to equip our team with all the tools possible to ensure each of our fur friends is in the very best care. Just like humans, each fur-baby has a unique personality and deserves to be cared for in a way that supports their individuality.

You can find me on the back end ensuring all runs smoothly with scheduling, staffing and innovating Paw Prints to support more fur friends and animal lovers than ever before! 

Hi! I'm Olivia.


We would be honored to have you join the Paw Prints family!

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