Professional Pet Services

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

Dog Walks | Out and About

We offer two types of walks. A 10 minute potty break or a 20 minute walk.

Potty Break: $12.00

20 Minute Walk: $18.00 for one dog

$4.00 Each Additional Dog

*40 minute explorer walks may be considered upon request

Same write up for dog walk – Our 20 minute solo visit gives your pup time to take a nice walk, have a potty break and get in some playtime with lots of lovin’ and belly rubs. If needed, meals can also be served during this time.

Explorer walk- If your pup needs extra time and exercise, the these 40 minute visits should do the trick. Meals can be served during this time if needed.

Pet Sitting | Your Home

Allow me to take care of your dog(s) and your home while you are away. Your pooch will receive the quality care, love and attention she or he deserves while remaining in the comfort of their home.

Pet sitting includes us spending the night from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Two walks are included in the pet sitting fee. We recommend a midday and dinner walk.

Pet Sitting: $110.00

$10.00 Each Additional Dog

Potty break- Got a busy day and can’t sneak home to let Fido out to potty? No problem, we’re around and happy to swing by and let your pup out to get some relief. Price includes a quick 10-minute visit.

Half Day Hike & Play

If you’ve got a pup with lots of energy or one who is an explorer at heart, this 2-3 hour field trip to the Watchung Reservation is just what they need!

This is a great alternative to doggy daycare to ensure that your pup gets all the love & attention they need while expending all that excess energy.

The pups are given at least 1 1/2 hours of hiking time and guarantee home delivery of a happy, worn-out pup.

Price includes pick up and drop off (2-3 hours total)

*Offered currently after 1pm on weekdays and pick up between 10 & 11 on weekends

Dog Hike: $60.00

Second Dog Same Household: $30.00

Cat and Puppy Care

Cat Visits | Meow!

We will feed your cat(s), change the water, scoop litter, and most importantly LOVE them!

Cat Visit: $20.00

Puppy Care

Getting a new puppy is a wonderful experience but can be a bit overwhelming at first. 

Lucky for you, we are puppy care experts! We adore puppies and love the opportunity to bond with them at a young age. 

Visits include feeding, play time and 2 potty breaks spaced a couple hours apart to help with potty training.

Since no puppy’s needs or owners schedule is the same we tailor a program just to you.

Puppy visits: $20/ day